Tuesday, February 12, 2008

New Personal Record

So I threw up five times yesterday... or was it six, I lost count. That's a new record for me. I HATE throwing up... there is nothing worse in the entire world. Well, I'm sure there are probably much worse illnesses or diseases then just throwing up - but I seriously hate it.

I either got the flu, or food poisoning, but all day Monday I was a wreck. Robin stayed home from school to look after me and Amalea, and I don't know what I would have done with out her. Being sick is the worst! It's such an awful feeling to just have to sit there and not be able to play with your baby or to help out when she starts freaking out. Robin did an amazing job though, and I am feeling much better today. Still have a bit of a fever... but I'll live.

With the democratic primaries heating up today and the rest of the month, things are looking good for my man Obama... that's making me feel better just thinking about that.

Well... that's it for now, just wanted to drop a note and share my suffering with everyone ^_^